Monday, January 28, 2008

Black hole sun

Its been a pretty enjoyable weekend, though through it all I have been dreading one thing Monday morning. More about that later though, the weekend started with a trip to the cinema.
Martina invited me to go and see a film called Drawing Restraint 9 at the corner house theater in Manchester. Its an art house film starring Bjork, she also did the score. There is a little dialog the "action" takes place mostly on a Japanese whaling ship. Its all a little strange, but basically Bjork and another guy make a ritualistic sacrifice to cleanse the ship, its fine though, as they end up transforming into whales. Martina found it nice, I was mostly nonplussed.
Saturday, I went to the gym, restarted my program because I haven't really been going regularly for a while. It was good to get back into it though I really felt a little out of shape.
In the evening I met up with Phil, Paul, Pippa and Ian. Paul and Pippa were up for the night. They stopped off on their way to Edinburgh. We all went for a curry together, it was a really nice meal, we chilled out had a chat and enjoyed each others company. After the meal we went to Graze in Bramhall for a few drinks. Ian's friend Gilly joined us. It wasn't very busy so we had a chat and shared a few jokes. All in all a very pleasant evening.
Paul wanted to get back to Wollers house where he was staying for the night before he got back. He and Michelle had headed to Manchester to watch a play, Oscar Wild. It struck me as a very unwoller thing to do. We just arrived back before them. They seemed to enjoy the play, Woller was in high spirits.
Today [Sunday], I lazed around the house, cleanout the fish then went for a swim (at the swimming baths not in the fish tank!). I expected to meet up with Phil in the afternoon but he seemed busy with something. I think he went diving this evening, I was a bit annoyed he didn#39;t invited me but I suppose he is busy with his martial arts friends these days.
This evening Martina invited me round along with her French friends. They were good fun we played some games and ate dinner, it was enjoyable but very different to my English friends, I wanted to say English chums in an Anton De Cannes Eurotrash accent but it dosn't really work in a blog.
Anyway its late and I am sat blogging when i should be in bed, but I feel pretty depressed about work. I just feel betrayed, I think I have worked really hard but instead of a pat on the back I get lots more stress and moved to the crappiest desk int the office. Its pretty petty I know, but then why I am treated worse than all the in house staff? Why am I constantly questioned about things and given a larger workload? I better go to bed or Ill be fit for nothing tomorrow, I think I am going to speak to my boss in the morning and have a moan, I mean I feel really demotivated right now and I think its completely undeserved.

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