Monday, January 14, 2008

Planet Telex

I woke up coughing this morning felt really awful, the boozing last night only served to further dent my immune system.
I eventually managed to drink enough fluids to rehydrate myself and get back on track.
Endo had invited me around to his place. He and Jo have been living there for a while but he has been busy redecorating. Apparently I missed the worse of the chaos. Having left Wilmslow they now live near Warrington, so it was just a 30 minute blast down the M56 (and some weird little roads thank goodness for GPS) and I arrived in the Cul-de-sac they now call home. I must admit I was impressed with his handy work its going to look ace when its done. The 46 inch plasma fitted to the wall and all the associated gear tucked away under the stairs. He did have a bit of an issue though we hung the tv turned it on and attempted to change the channel then realised the magic eye was hidden behind the panel he just cemented into place. He had to act as a human remote control.
We chatted and played some Unreal 3, Jo made dinner a really tasty prawn curry. She asked if I liked hot food and I replied yes. Little did I realise this meant I would be eating whole raw chillies it was a bit of a surprise nearly taking my head off. Still very tasty meal.
I left after nine and was going to have an early night, but I got a message from Ian he and Nick were in the Thieves neck so I joined them for last orders. Nick looked dreadful apparently has been struck down with the vomiting bug and only just recovered. I thought he was supposed to be in Thailand with Brie, but from the sounds of it things had taken a turn for the worst. Both he and Ian were celebrating being single. Apparently Ian briefly refreshed his carnal relations with one of his ex's he decided not to continue, a wise move I feel. From my own experiences it never really worked out going over the same ground again, its better to lok forward rather than back, YMMV.

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