Sunday, January 13, 2008

Ever decreasing circles

I had to work today, it was pretty frustrating not least because the work I was doing didnt go very well. After all the travelling and feeling Ill I felt very unhappy. Fortunately I had a very good evening to look forward to. It was her birthday, though in her words her ages is decreasing each year now ;)
She had arranged a table at the Alderley Edge bar and grill for 9.30, but we arrived around 8.30 to grab a few drinks beforehand. The place was absolutely packed, we had a fight on to get to the bar. Including one really rude guy who simply refused to move. Fortunately and despite pulling his neck during his grading Phil found a way to circumvent him. Unfortunately his behaviour foreshadowed the night ahead.
Joining us were Bruce, Nina, Michelle, and several girls from the stables. The stable girls arrived, in a big group with a few extra boyfriends and random people tagging a long, giving how busy the bar and grill was this meant no chance of us all getting a seat. There was some stressing and they they all disappeared. I though it was a pretty poor thing to do turn up on mass then all go leaving in the end 4 spare seats. They said they were going to eat at Est Est Est across the road where they would meet us later. By the time we got there they had left.
We stood in the doorway of the bar and grill waiting as people arrived feeling squashed but enjoying a drink and a chat. Some acquaintance of Becky's called Joe arrived, he just popped in for a drink, and I think to meet Christian. He was interesting to chat to.
When we finally got out table, with the 4 empty seats on the end we ordered. The menu was a mix of dishes I had Thai fish cake to start and Malayan Style Chicken for a main. The service was truly appalling, we had to almost beg to get drinks the time between courses was shockingly long, they forgot part of Becky's meal and the waiters ignored us when I was trying to attract their attention, even ignoring me shouting at them when they were stood only a few feet away.. They added 10% service charge to the bill but we decided there was no way we would pay it. It was a shame really as the actual food was really good.
After the meal Bruce and Nina left but we headed to Est Est Est for a few more drinks and to mingle with the others. Things worked out slightly differently though, the girls from the stables had already left us to it and Becky's boyfriend the infamous Christians similarly failed to make an appearance. Having already decided to skip the meal and go out with his friends by the time we finished out meal he had disappeared to Stoke. Apparently he invited Becky but she didn't seem in the mood to travel there. Personally I thought it was pretty harsh for him to avoid her birthday.
I had a really good evening and she seemed to very much enjoy herself so that was the main thing. She got a few nice presents ate some good food and drank with friend, that is about as much as you can hope for really. There are some pictures available online here.
I have decided against making Alderley Edge a regular spot though. This might sound like sour grapes but I met an awful lot of people I disliked intently. I guess the affluence makes people used to getting their own way, both the bar and grill and Est Est Est were full of arrogant people. I realise making and having money is nice but do you really have to act like so arrogantly?

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