Friday, July 20, 2007

Fast cars and summer nights

Today has been a long day I made it into work for just after 6.30. My part of the upgrade went well but another failed causing all sorts of recriminations. I just thougt oh well bad stuff happens sometimes despite everyones best efforts, though I was annoyed that our software was blaimed when the problem was with something else which stop our system from working.

It was a good day though really, we grouped together and fixesd a whole bunch of problems it was a much less antagonistic and more productive than normal. I left early and headed to the gym, I have deinfatly been more lazy I found it hard to cope with what should have been a normal session. I think I will have to up my game a little.

Ian Bruce and myself went for a drink at the Kindfisher this evening. I was nice sat outside in the first dry evening for ages. Poynton seemed to have way more than its fair share of suped up cars, all coming and going hile we were sat outside.
We chatted about life, but mosty about houses. It seems to be the topic of the day these days thinking about when how and if we will move out. Bruce is ahead of the game in progress renovating his first home.

Ian seemed in fine form, its been a while since I last saw him. I think business has been good given the amount of thime he has been working, good news.

I spoke to of my skype friends today. We have been talking for a few months, meeitng whileshe was trying to improve her English. We talked about life and webdesign. She has taken a job in Cambridge to help learn English, a pretty radical step. She seemed to be enjoying herself, though. Skype was playing up making it hard to hear some of the conversation. She said Cambridge was like Harry Potter which I thought was an amuSing if not entirly inaccurate statement. Not that I have ever seen the place except for on TV. Se is very brave I am not sure I would have been able to go live in a non English speaking country on my first trip, I mean thats one of the reasons I chose Australia, one less thing worry about! She seems to be fitting in well hough the people are friendly and she has a Spanish friend from the same region, it wasnt planned so it just shows what a small world we live in.

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