Sunday, April 15, 2007

Useless arguments / 16 Days to Shanghai

As I get older I have begun that the certainties of youth are melting away to revile a terribly complicated truth. That most problem are so intractable so complex it is impossible to rationalize them, there are always different points of view often valid given someone else's perspective. A few years ago I had a definition of purpose, that my views were the best, but over time the sheer weight of knowledge convinced me that not only do I not have the answers that I really know very little.

Today was not a great day, Bruce and I went to put the new server in the colocation centre, it went well except we were unable to configure the firewall so nobody can access it yet. It is pretty typical for technology, everything it working except for one incredibly important piece.

Went to the comedy night this evening it was great fun, unfortunately I allowed it to be tainted by some guy. I allowed myself to be drawn into an argument when I was feeling a little drunk so lost a lot of my usual edge. I was talking to Chris online when i to home and he reminded me of a chinese proverb which states "never argue with an idiot. They will only bring you down to their level and beat you with experience".

Its not the first argument I have been part of recently I hope its no becoming a habit. I decimated my contacts list the other day in an attempt to sweep away and more on beyond some of my past mistakes. I think some of the people I have spent time cultivating relationships have used me for one reason or another and its about time I put a stop to it. I hope I didnt throw the baby out with the bathwater but only time will tell if my choices were correct. I only removed the names not blocked them so I they are free to contact me.

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