Thursday, April 12, 2007

Loves a bitch / 18 Days to go

Nothing much happening, went to the gym finally managed 5KM in under 30 minutes. Was increadibly hot and bothered though.
Had a night in and watched some movies ICE Age 2 and Amores Perros. Ice age 2 was ok not so funny as the original, but it passed the time. Amores Perros (Loves a bitch) is a Spanish language film highlighting 3 set of people all living for "love" connected by a car crash. Its a little like Magnolia though more gritty. Octavio is in love with his brothers wife, and enterers his dog into fights to raise the money for them to run away together. Daniel and Valeria have been having an affair on the first day they move in together she loses her leg.
One of the tag lines read roughly don't worry if you don't see it youll live it.
My life seems very plain in in comparison but then I am not sure I need those sort of stresses. There is lots going on with Facebook at the moment I am really enjoying it compared to myspace, already discovering old friends and hopefully some new ones.

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