Monday, April 02, 2007

counting down for cookie's visit - 30 days left

Once i asked cookie that if i could do something for his visit, his reply was easy: the only thing you should do is to help find me a hotel and be patient waiting. so i came out with this: we together write a blog here to memorize, our happiness our sadness during this waiting period. later on i think i will also put the traveling schedule on, thanks to blogger with its stage, as well as the time difference did something good anyway, cause its 2nd April by my time while 1st day by yours. n__n so lets get started.

as far as i could remember the first time we both got to know each other, at that time i was a colleague girl with dreams & curiosity, i didn't realize the guy i was chatting with would really come in front of me in real, but cookie said we would meet one day, i believed him.

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