Sunday, April 29, 2007

< 1 Day to Go

Tomorrow morning I am heading to the airport to catch an 11.15 flight, 18 hours later I should be in Shanghai. I have just about got everything packed up and am ready to go. I am really excited but at the same time a little worried, it is going to be a really different experience for me.

I am taking my laptop with me as apparently I have internet access in the apartment. Unfortunately it is unlikely I will be able to write any blog's or upload any photos until after I get home as I believe Cookies World is not allowed past the firewall. I might catch people on MSN or ICQ though.

I spent today tidying a few things up, I made some changes to Becky's website, I was pleased to be able to add the google maps, hopefully its what she was after.

I even managed to get a bit of jogging done hopefully it will help loosen me up for tomorrows flight.

This evening I had a quiet one and watched Hero's with Phil and Bruce. Its gone very confusing the plot is far too convoluted, in an obvious attempt to play like Lost its almost surpassed it for twisting storyline's.

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