Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Pull it to pieces

I have just been looking for houses, I find it pretty confusing. So many people are telling me I should buy something anything just to "get on the ladder". My colleagues think I am a like a child still living at home, P actually told me that I should move out and rent I have no idea about the world. I really find that impossible thought I would hate to fatten the pockets of someone like Nick just to prove some sort of point about independence.

That said I do feel a desire to prove myself, to be independent and not so lazy, at the same time I worry I am being to conditioned by society to do certain things to conform whereas some of the most successful go there own way. As soon as I move out I might have an asset in the form of a home but I lose my ability to save, my ability to travel and to be free. I would gain a lump of bricks which might or not appreciate in value, but will definitely cost money.

I went to the pub with Phil tonight his brother is in the process of buying a place but he is a success having built up his own business, not just a company man like myself. I am in a terrible mood today, I argued with people at work, my mum laughed at the idea that I could move out and ebay is really annoying me. In fact e-bay have now closed my account thanks to a long running sore, they messed up applied a wrong charge to my aaccount. They promised me a refund on several occasions but didn't deliver, now they have then suspended my account. I wish I knew what to do on principle I refuse to pay for there mistake, but they have a monopoly on auction services in the UK there customer services is terrible and unforgiving, it makes me angry to think about it.

I am seeing my real boss tomorrow for the first time in a while I am hoping I can address some of my problems with him, I really feel like I need a change and if I cannot get one its time to move on. What I can move on to is debatable though, perhaps a total change to something new is needed.

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