Thursday, March 22, 2007

For Paradize

Today I worked off site, which meant I had to work in the same room as my dad, it was quiet a strange experience. I basically tried to avoid him as much as possible, which is quiet difficult in such a small office. I picked my big boss up from the station he seemed in a good mood and was heading for a meeting at one of the customers in the afternoon. He never actually spoke to me which pretty annoying, guess Ill have to see what next month brings.

It was the budget today probably Browns last. According to the bbc I will end up being about £20's richer, wonderful!

You know some people just don't gel, they can be perfectly interesting and reasonable but put together they just react or fail to mix. I spent my evening in this sort of situation, I was sober and tried to calm down several conversations so now I feel frustrated and tired.

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