Sunday, January 07, 2007

Welcome Home

Ttoday was spend preparing for then at Terminal Tournaments XII, Our semi regular lan gaming event. It was a really good day today the most people to date turned up having 20 people gaming was pretty good fun. Though I feel tired after having to set up, carry the gear around, keep things running, help on the bar and play games can be a little draining.

The new years healthy living went totally to pot today, there was far too much chocolate about, then pizza for dinner its all bad. Add to the my mum seem intent on feeding me. I stil have this foul cold it just dosnt seem to want to go, its really putting a stopper on going to the gym Some people advocate goign when it to "sweat it out" but it makes me feel worse doing that. WOuld rather wait until I am better plus the gym at the time of year is usually packed with people who will go religiously for a month then drop out between February and March.

I am rambling a little so I think I shoudl get to bed, I have to meet Becky for a chat about her Horse box hire website tomorrow. Plus I need to try and get my head round webservices so I do not look like too much of a joker next week.

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