Saturday, January 06, 2007

Shanghai Nights

I think I might have lost my mind, this morning I bought my car insurance, then paid some other bills coming to around 600 in total. This after afternoon I went out for my second pub lunch of the week this time with Bruce as he has had the day off work. So where is the madness you ask?

Today has been a hard day trying hard to understand someone else work. Then when I was just about think about leaving receiving an unexpected and unwanted extra request pushed me over the edge. After struggling all day, after basically being left in the crap by another colleague, his current favourite habit is promising the earth leaving a half finished job for me to try and salvage.

I have been toying with the idea of visiting lulu my Chinese friend for some time so my late Christmas present is a flight to Shanghai. Weirdly the Cheapest flight I could find from Manchester is also the quickest there was nothing direct so I am going Finnair via Helsinki. Its is going to take 13 hours in total not something I am looking towards especially as I could not get much time off work (neither can she its the Chinese national holiday when I am there so I have to work around that). I am really excited about going I have never been to Asia before so it should be a really different experience. I guess its a little out of character for me to blow so much cash in one day but I really feel like I need something to look forward to work is really getting me down, only four days back and already I feel like I never left.

After booking I have spent a rather uninspiring evening preparing the game servers for tomorrows lan a few things are not as I want but it all works well enough to play on. Hopefully tomorrow should be a popular lan with most people saying they will attend.

Special thanks to Sarah for commenting the results of her personality quizz. I am still interested if anyone else fills out the questionnaire....

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Anonymous said...

I love Shanghai!!! Its a totally amazing city and you'll be fine having an adventure on your own while Lulu works.

The maglev train is wonderful. So fast and so smooth. Shame it stops ages outside the city, but the underground links with it.

Expect to be stared at a lot by the Chinese people. Even in the city of Shanghai they still find real life westerners quite a sight!

You have to dine at Kathleens resturant. Its in People's square abouve the art gallery. Its British food (does an amazing brunch on a sunday) but has a fantastic views of the square. And the nearby museam of Shanghai urban planning (or something like that) is really really interesting too.

If you're staying round the Shanghai area then the Time out Guide is really good. If you're going further afield then there was a lonely planet released about a year ago.

Number 5 on the Bund is reasonable and does a good mocha. The tourist tunnel is a bit like a drug trip! But worth it. If you want the loo then starbucks is always a good bed (there's hundreds of them).

Hangzouh (not sure if that's how its spelt) is a nice nearby city with a pretty (manmade I think) lake. It's good to get out of Shanghai as the city is very different to real China, if you know what I mean.

But you've got a local guide which is far better than my wafflings.