Monday, August 07, 2006

Your so Cold

I have just watched a Spanish film called 'Live Flesh' based on a Ruth Rendell book, its a Spanish take on the thriller genre. I thought it was quiet good but more for the strong characters than the direction. Centring on the lives of Victor a boy always in a hurry and in the wrong place at the wrong time. The tension is not built very well and it was predictable but still a fresh enough take to be worth a watch.
Today has not been the best day, strange bugs and bad information left me spending most of my day running through different simulations I am still amazed at the number of different ways the standard formulars can be applied. I think I cracked it eventually apart from one small issue ill integrat tomorrow. Spoke to one of my collegues he is working full time on another project so it looks like the end of my experiment working on the web stuff I think Ill be stuck forever unless I branch out into something new. Nick thinks I should take the exams and become a broker myself. Its all courses and fees though most of the time I feel o tired I can barly concentrate. My eyes are so sore I need to see the doctor really it must be an infection, Ill find time one day.

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