Sunday, August 06, 2006

Different World

It has been a long day. I spent the morning playing counter strike getting in some practise before next weeks lan bash, this afternoon went swimming then out with Nick and Becky for dinner.
We went to the Leigh Arms in Prestbury near to where Becky lives. Prestbury is a very well to do town nestled away near to Macclesfield, home to company directors and footballers. I was a bit a a annoying evening for various reasons firstly I knew there was a bank in the town centre and I assumed incorrectly that the bank (there actually turned out to be two) would have a cash machine it didn't. Also my phone didn't work anywhere in the centre there is some sort of historic thing going on I guess mobile phones masts and cash machines are too modern.
Nick and Becky arrived only 10 minutes late not bad for a Brook, and the meal was excellent we chose from the bar menu and sat it there. I had fish an chips they were good however nicks bangers and mash looked fantastic.
We chattered about this and that the goings on in Lebanon, Nicks houses and Becky's horses but I couldn't help the feeling its a world I just don't belong to. I'm just a pleb, I don't even have a partner I have to work twice as hard to keep up the conversation. I don't have a rich family and I will probably never haven anything like wealth like the sort of people sat around me. Oh well back to work tomorrow at least I am honest and have integrity.
Bruce was meant to meet us at the pub but because I was in a hurry the couldn&pos;t get any reception on my phone he ended up at the wrong Leigh arms and I had two peeved messages on my phone when I returned to an area of coverage, oops!

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