Thursday, August 03, 2006


Last night I watched the Three colours white the second part of the trilogy to me is was probably the weakest of the three films on the theme of fidelity Karol a poilish imigrant in France is divorced by his wife and falls down on his luck saved and helped to return to Poland by a fellow Pole. Karol decided to improve his lot in order to seek revenge and win back his wife. Its all pretty complex the relationship between Karol and Michojev I found more interesting than that with his wife. It was well shot and interesting to watch well worth a viewing as long as you dont mind subtitles.
I might have set in motion something bad, yesterday I had a meeting with my boss Martin it was pretty fruitful in a way at least I know some of the things going on even if it dosnt yet make much difference to me. Martin made an offhand comment asking what my dad is upto these days, I mentioned that to my dad and suggested he send Martin his cv. On balance I am not sure it was worth me getting his hopes up its just I know he needs to get some income and perhaps he could help out, dispite not knowing basic he is a good programmer. My worry is that Martin will be annoyed at me or worse my dad will get his hopes up for nothing and be annoyed at me. Perhaps in future I should just keep my mouth shut.

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