Friday, August 04, 2006

Hurrah for hot water

Since the DIY disaster of a few weeks ago I have had no hot water the heating never got reactivated after we accidently loosed off a few litres of it into my face.
This week the house has been upside down whilst some workmen from Saddleworth installed new radiators and a new boiler. It a modern condensing combination jobs so we dont have a huge water tank in the attic anymore. Also the back boiler from the fire is going to be ripped out too. Hopefully this well mean this winter I wont need electric heaters to stop myself freezing to death.
In other news Phil told me that he has handed in his resignation today he is going to start his own business providing IT support to small companies. I wish him good luck on his new venture he hasnt been too happy where he has been working for a while.

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