Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Fell on Black Days

Last night went out with Nick Becs and Bruce, we popped to the Thieves for a few quiet drinks Bruce was telling me about his Saturday meet-up with the guys he used to work with and how well Big Matt is doing. He is thinking of going contracting because it seems that's where the money is.
Becs was looking a bit tired apparently her doctor told her to take a week off will hopefully that will sort her out.
Nick was alluding to some problems with Ian and Faye but he wouldn't give a straight answer maybe because Bruce was here or maybe because Becs was or me who knows. Nick was in a good mood I guess his manoeuvring around houses is all working out good luck to him.
The product of me talking to my boss about my dad came off today My dad met Martin in Wilmslow today and we all had a drink together afterwards. Felt very strange I am still not 100% I have done the right thing. Especially weird was sitting in the Rectory with Dad Martin David and Steve.
Called Paul to catch up with him this evening wanted to ask him about my whole trip disaster but it didn':t happen I guess that is one mess for me to work out on my own.
Swapping songs tonight (please don&pos;t sue me bpi i bought two albums today) I sent Phil Fell on Black days he sent me FEAR - Ian Brown it turns out we both already own these songs so no point.
I am now just over half way through War and Peace so far its a very rewarding book the characters are so vivid I want to know what happens next and mad though it is I want to see Russia. I must be mad.

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