Thursday, August 24, 2006

Another Day

Work has been hell recently truly I have never been hit for so many things all priorities at once, somehow though I am acheiving less than ever before all the jobs are more tricky beyond my abilities or am so demotivated I can no longer perform or in the past things were too easy. I am not sure the true answers I just know how I eel and at the moment that is not good. I am starting to become the person I always wanted to avoid work focussed manic with no real life; people ask me what I have been doing and aside rom work and trips to the pub what is that exactly?
Suprisingly tonight I went for a few drinks with B and P and Endo it was nice even had a completly civil chat with Julie shes buying a Puma.
I am about two thirds through war and peace now its getting really interesting Napolean is invading Russian making the same mistake as Alexander the Great (and Hitler) charging into Russian in the winter. bad move.
I still hve no idea about what to do about my holidays I havent even been away this year I am wasting my life away working for others and getting no benifit why? why?
This weekend I am going to see Paul something always fun (unless he is in the process of splitting up with his girlfriend) hopefully that will make me feel better about things. I need some fun I think to break away from the mundain.

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lulu said...

Why not go Russia for holiday... you said you were mad for War and Peace