Sunday, July 02, 2006

Wollers Housewarming

After the nightmare that was watching England lose, I was feeling tired a little tipsy and hungry but I didn't have much time to spare Phil and I whizzed back to Woodford, a bbq shower and changes of clothes later and we were on our way to Woller's new pad in Smacclesfield.
We got a little lost on route then finally found the place near the old underage drinking ground from the days of hanging out in Hannah and Laura's Barn the Flowerpot Pub. It's a pretty smart house. A nice new build terrace compact but functional. Ian, Faye, Woller and Paul were out it was a nice group just achieving the critical mass needed to have a good time.
After a quick beer in the Flowerpot it was onto downtown Macclesfield for more drinking and fun I took some Picutures.
We started at the Whetherspoons, and then moved onto the Lounge (I think was already a bit drunk). I think the Lounge was my favourite bar sat outside chatting in the cool evening air, unfortunately they made us come inside (it was dead inside) so we headed out to Chicago Rock.
Chicago Rock really isn't my favourite place cheesy music especially when a lot of drunk people are dancing to it, is a but much for me.
So we grabbed some drinks (eventually the bar service is terrible)m grabbed the chairs and carried on enjoying ourselves. I think the funniest moment for me was having a random girl come over and start chatting to me. I didn't hear her name properly thanks to my inebriation, and the loud music. I do remember she said she was an artist from Salford, who works for Areghi Bianchi. Regardless it transpired it wasn't me she was interested in chatting up but Ian's girlfriend Faye!!

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