Saturday, July 01, 2006

Penalties AGAIN!!!!

Now I have never been much of a football fan, but I am a patriot and I do love to see the three lions roar to victory.
The last two England games I have watched with Jo, Holly and Phil, today we went the the queen of hearts in fallowfield (what a blast from the past). They had a plasma screen outside, it was very sunny and we sat outside on the stone floor cheering on England. It was a good match the players really showed some heart after a lackluster (but successful) campaign.
It was a pretty tense close affair not much seperating the teams unfortunatlly the Argentinian ref choose to dislike England and made a few harsh desisions. I wont go over the details I am sure so many people will tell the story in a more passionate way than I can, but in the end dispite playing 50 minutes a man down in another emtional penalty shootout England were knocked out of the world cup.
I really got into weatching the game which is rpetty rare for me I usually love the rugby but the crowd at the pub dragged me into the spiret and dispite the result it was a good match to watch a rollercoaster of emotion.
Hope that one day we can win something give us our national pride back.

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