Sunday, June 25, 2006

Pizza Express and the watershed

Last night I took myparents for a curry at the La Quila, we had a really nice meal and a chat. I had promised to take them out last month after I got my pay rise, however one thing and another Phils brithday and a few other things came up so it got postponed until now.

After I dropped them home Phil and I went for a few drinks at the unicorn, and to ogle at the lovely barmaid Sophie I know I am bad. Martin met us there for a last orders and we decided to try and organise a meal out tonight.

I did some overtime during the day working on the website, to be honest it was a long frustrating day but thats a whole other story.

Martin organised for Phil, Bruce, Charlotte, Endo, Jo and ourselves to meet at Pizza express in Wilmslow, I hardly see Martin, Endo or Jo these days so it was nice to meet up and have a chat. Martin was his usual self loud and X rated, which Bruce found very funny as there was a family sat behind us (when I told Martin he just said "its after the watershed mate").
The food was nice but the drinks were way overpriced I baulked at paying £3 for a drink at the Foo Fighters but they at least were serving pints. Pizza Express were charging that for a 330ml bottle of Nastro Assuro, piss take! It was also very noisy and not just because of Martin the was a lot of noise even when the place started to empty I could bearly hear the conversation next to me.

After the meal we trouped off the the Coach and Four for a few more drinks I introduced Endo to magners, whilst Martin talked about pets, sex and the glands of the mouth. We were going to play poker but it never happened and I ended up at home playing a few more turns on Civ 4 before heading to bed.

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