Sunday, June 25, 2006

BBQ and Football

Its been a long day I am feeling pretty tired and pretty full, so how did I get here?

The day started well I was a little hung over took the morning slow read my email found a very funny parody of creep. Then went for a swim and a sauna with Bruce so I was feeling pretty good.

Next stop was Jo Bergers house, to celebrate his 25th with a BBQ and too watch the football, now I don't normally watch football know very little about it and usually get very bored. However it was a good atmosphere a group of friends all rooting for England it was a hairy match a few times I though our guys would through it away. In the end though David Backham put us through so hurrah at least another game to go.

Next was the BBQ Bruce and Phil had gone to costco bought load s of meat and cake plus what Jo had in and his neighbours brought round some nice marinade chicken. So I ate and eat chatted laughed and drank all in a atmosphere of double celebration.

Phil had the biggest steak I have ever seen, which Joe ate practically raw if only I had my camera :p I finally met Liz Holly's friend she seemed nice enough but there wasn't any chemistry there so never mind, back to searching.

Next up watched the Portugal versus Netherlands match, the winner will go on to play England next round, and well what a spectacle not for the football but for the ref. Diving more card than ever handed out 20 i think, Men on both sides sent off diving time wasting fighting, to be honest I thought at one point there was going to be a mass brawl.

Strangly I don't know if it was the setting or because it was England (for all my faults I am still a patriot) or just the group histeria I was pulled into both of the games and really enjoyed them, still not as much as the Rugby but it was good to win.

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