Sunday, June 18, 2006

Late Room

Yesterday I had a semi productive day, mowed the lawns cleaned my car did a few little bits of paperwork, then had a bbq yum.
In the evening I went into Manchester with a group of people to listen to paul. He was playing at the late room and quiet a few people came out to see him, most of Sandbox, Danny an Lynn, Berger and Holly even Nick and Becs made an appearence, remembered my camera for a change some photos here.
I enjoyed his set though my ears were ringing after listening to the first band (the loud and agressive alternative influence). They got told off by the engineer for throwing gear on the floor. Pauls sound wasnt the best I dont think the engineers were too hot, the place has the loudest system for such a small venue you can literally feel the music rather than here it. I am glad I went out it was good to see everyone, and dispite everything its always worth listening to Paul.
Nick Becs Danny went off for somethign to eat I was stuffed after the bbq so Phil and I went to bar thirty eight (we couldnt take the noise of late room anymore). I drank too much gin and started to go under a bit luckly becs gave us a lift home after thier meal.

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