Monday, June 19, 2006


This is the third time I have tried to compose this blog, first time was on the night I was very tired and managed to close the window down half way through, next time I got distracted and did the same so hopefully third time lucky hey!

On Sunday I went to see the Foo Fighters at the giant concert at Lancashire Cricket Club (Old Trafford), I got two tickets one was Phil's Birthday present so went went down about 2.30 in time to catch the supporting acts. First act were the Eagles of Death metal, they were alright the lead singer was fun got the crowd going a bit. Next were the Subways they were excellent really getting into the spirit of things. Angels and airwaves were dull dull Americana and made a long boring speech to boot YAWN.
The stroke's were good, but looked bored and though quiet a few people were in Strokes T-Shirts they knew who the crowd had come for, The Foo Fighters! However since hearing some of the songs like Juicebox and Ize of the World I have re-listened to First Impressions of Earth and i think I get it now, "Cold your so Cold Your SOOO COLD!".

Finally it was time for the Foo's, they played a video montage of all their hits before coming on just to remind everyone how damn good they are. They were amazing yesterday even in the rain Dave Grohl was supremely cool really getting the crowd going, there were sons off every album, Dave started talking about how it was 11 years since the first album before playing this is a call is it really that long? Some of it was just so rocky it made me want to jump around like a madman, Monkey Wrench I think the best of it was the encore though, Everlong was amazing then Taylor and Dave switch round for Cold Day in The Son, he proclaimed Taylor is the best drummer in the world and I should know! Then played an amazing drum set.

I am trying to find a full setlist because my memory isn't good enough to remember ill post it here if I find one.

Getting Home was fun Phil and I were buzzing but we had use that energy walking into Manchester (the metro was full) then catching the 192 into Stockport (surrounded by all the middle age women who had been to the take that reunion). Finally waiting for a taxi and watching one of the drunkest girls ever fall (or be push I am not sure) straight down with a real smack though we were going to have to do first aid but she just got up must have not felt it through the alcohol she will today. Taxi to Phil's then walk home it was 1.30 by then :S

Got the day off work today hurrah so I'm sorting out all the foul jobs which have been piling up, like my stupid pension sigh and reading my Shanghai travel guide.


Joe said...

How good was it?!! hahaha

i dont wanna be your monkey wrench!

Cookiesworld said...

Bloody brillient!!!