Monday, April 10, 2006

Its Just Computers

I was woken up this morning way too early by a phone call from David, due to my lack hangover from the comedy night it took me a long time to work out who in the heck I was talking too, eventually the penny dropped. David is the father of the ex owner of Woodford post office he occasionally calls on me to fix up his pc, this time he was having issues with security updates and wanted some help. As I try and never turn down work despite the fact my own computer is in bits spread across my room and I have a raging cold I offered to sort it out and did only took and hour.

This evening went out to see Sandbox at the academy and was chatting to Emily about her job in London and life with a mouse (thats a whole other blog entirely). She asked me what I had been upto and nothing much really sprang to mind, despite the fact I feel like every minute is filled with something or other I dont seem to have done anything worth talking about in years (unless your the sort of person interested in my chatting about the Samba server I configured as a windows PDC today?) Somehow although each day seems to drag an eternity the weeks and months seem to fly by at a rapid rate. Before I know it I have spoke to people for weeks and our lives have moved that bit further apart. I really need to start making more of an effort to keep in touch with people.

Anyway I thought Sandbox were really good though Andy didnt seem too pleased I guess he is just being perfectionist about the whole thing. The roadhouse seem to have put in a new mega powerful PA system it was nearly blowing my ears out and the American band was really rather dull but I enjoyed myself.

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