Sunday, April 09, 2006

Cube World

I spent virtually the entire day trying to get my dads pc rebuilt with XP after replacing his hard disk in between loaders going back to look at my PC which seems to not want to play ball regardless of what I do. My so called quiet case well isnt, its not helped by the fact that one of the fans is going whining bearings sounds very knarly.

My room is a complete tip bits of computer spread all over the place and my mac has decided to go weird key chain no longer works all the passwords have disappeared and my mail store is corrupt (fortunately most of my email is on imap).

Tonight went to the comedy night, it wasnt as well attended as the last couple, Martin got the dates mixed up and when I texted him to ask if he were coming he replied yes, I then texted him in the first act to which he replied shit I thought you meant next week. It had some great comics the scouse compare was on top form taking the mick out of everyone Bruce got well attacked as did Becky.

Phil got back just before the comedy night and turned up for about an hour until jet lag got the better of him. Sounded like he had an ace time in Japan, he brought back some pretty cool toys for Bruce and myself these little cube toys which you can plug together and little stick men interact. I was well impressed with the animations going to take them into work for my desk.

Lulus having to work this weekend it only seem five minutes since we were chatting on skype but its already a week ago, I hope it wasnt too bad for her, she sounded stressed out last time we spoke. A little like I was feeling a month ago, my advice is try not to take it too seriously and make sure you arent taken for granted, I try and live by that myself, its not always easy though.

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