Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Rain Sand and Numbers

I am getting confused, felt over tired and slightly ill today, not helped by the stream of confusing conflicting things going on at work. Last night I had an interesting conversation with a Czech girl, kind of random really considering I had just been moving the Prague photos to the gallery the other day. We chatted about olives mainly but it was kind of interesting the first time in a while someone normal contacted me rather than the reams of weird Germans and Russians of late.

This Sunday is another go live I am not really looking forward to it after last time I just hope things go better. Mike will be around though I feel slightly upset I wasnt able to handel things without help I am still only at the beginning of learning. In time all things will happen. I hope.

Tonight I watched Sahara, it was erm ok passed the time a bit like the mummy, with pretentions to be indian jones. I didnt really feel like doing much I hopefully tomorrow ill feel well enough for a gym not been for a few days, I need to keep up with it I kind of feel like its starting to pa off a bit. If I can survive this month hopfully next I can buy ome new clothers show off my slightly trimmer more toned figure.

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