Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Give and Take

I got very annoyed today at work, since the support contract was cut I have been working harder than ever before doing extra hours including two Sundays one of which was 14 hours long. I have also stayed late and or come in early on countless days but when I put in a holiday request I am told no becasue other people are away. Well they are but fuck knows what differene that makes they work in completly different areas of the business to me so its not like I answer the phone or do crystal reports.

To be honest I am so tired and with no end in site I just feel totally demoralised, I hate the disconnected aspect of my job feeling like an outsider to both companies, sometimes I just feel like packing my bags and taking off somewhere. Its not like I have any career path I am escencailly in a dead end.

Added to work stress dealing with Jos pc has been a total nightmare I have phoned up, email and check the website every day for over a week. Their customer service is appalling and though I now have replacement bits on order they have lost Jos windows licence *sigh*.

I also have another dialemma, I have promised Ali I would go out for her birthday this Saturday (this was a few weeks back) I forgto stupid me then Its also Emilys birthday and a sandbox gig, the gig is in Manchester and Ali is going out in Wilmslow arghh what to do what to do, both good friends both good times :-S

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