Sunday, March 26, 2006

Mothers Day Curry!

Tommorrow is mothers day, and whilst its traditional to buy flowers and take mums out for a meal then we decided it would be more fun to go out for a meal tonight. Given the house is in bits its not really great for making meals at the moment. Indian food might not seem like the obviouse choice however mum suggested it so off we went to the La Quila II in Handforth our favorite Asian resturant. It was actually very busy we didnt think we could get a table but they managed to squeeze us in which was really nice. I had a chicken tika sizzler with jalfrezi sauce mmm so tasty.

After the meal I dropped my parents off at home and ran round to Bruces origonally we planned to go meet up with Paul and co in Wilmslow but they decied to mooch to Manchester we didnt really fancy that. I was pretty annoyed at Danny he was being a complete twat on the phone, anyhow instead we ended up at the Hesketh. It was a pleasent evening Nina seemed in a good mood I had recovered from my hangover after th pub we watched the latest lost and I went home for a sleep. The clocks changed in the night so an hour went missing somewhere.

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