Sunday, March 26, 2006

I Hate Touts / Living Room Update

After missing out getting hold of Radiohead tickets yesterday I thought I would try and get some from ebay, well surprise surpise there were loads for sale, what a joke people totally exploiting the ticket system grr they make me so angry but unfortunatly there isnt a lot I can do, I really want to see them and it look like it means either going to another country or buying off the black market which is totally against my principles sigh.

I spent today doing well not a lot really catching up on life reading the paper, tiding my room going for a run and cleaning out the fish. I really need to catch up with some stuff my website is a shambols outdated and unfinished I really need to fix it up a bit. I did manage to add some new photo sets to the ejected brass galleries :-D

Ive got a bit of a living room update, the builder has ripped about half the room out including digging out the crap top clay next on top of which is going a visquine layer then two inches of site concrete that should stop the damp rising. He has left a drain hole in place to allow any water on the conrete to drain out into the ground.

When thats done he is going to repair the brickwork including the unsafe fireplace! It was never properly sealed and so hot ash has been escaping there was a pile of the stuff under the floor its a wonder the house didnt set on fire apparently :-S Ill keep you updated with the progress hopfully by next week I might have a bit o the house back.

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lulu said...

thought it was a bed for one worker to take a nap :S