Saturday, July 30, 2005

Big tank

Well after a rather long day working, then painting, filling gravel (30kg of it which had to be washed and scalded) my new fish tank is finally set up. I feel very tired but it's good to see it all set up. Its a lot quieter than my small one which is a bonus. At the moment it look a bit forlorn with no fish or plants, I need to leave it running for a week to get rid of the chlorine and allow the filtration to activate before I can move the fish over. There is a photo gallery on my photo site check it out here.

The tanks filtration system is really complex using lots of different filters which is great but it means I need to replace them regularly which is a pain and will significantly increase the running costs which is a bit unforeseen. I guess I will need to stay in one night a month to pay for it!

I was working out my student loan repayments today. Based on the governments revised threshold the monthly payment has reduced. Whilst I like having extra money a month its drastically increased the repayment time to about 17 years!!! Oh well I could make over-payments but it dosn't make sense given that a=they will be out of my net wage and that the interest charged is only 3.2% so it would make more sense for me to put any overpayment money into savings account on which I can earn 5% tax free if I add to my ISA.

Today I spent trying to understand one of my colleagues programs. It is quiet a challenge as he has taken a totally different approach to Business Basic XML integration. I think its a bit of a hash however hopefully I will be able to make the required changes next week.

Got a text from Liz she seems really nice I hope we can be friends regardless of how things go on our meeting on Sunday.

I think its pretty much fizzled out with Nikkie she will be moving soon which is a shame I enjoyed the time we spent together it just I don't think it was right for either of us.

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