Friday, January 20, 2023

Stadia is dead

Yesterday was the closedown for Google Stadia. I bought one a couple of years ago to play Cyberpunk. I hoped it would be a cool way to avoid paying big for the new Xbox (though I ended up getting a PS5). They promised that you could game anywhere with an internet connection. to be honest it never really lived up to my expectations.  There was too much lag on my ADSL 60MB. I could never use ultra mode so it wasn't worth paying a subscription for and the games library was woeful. The writing was on the wall when they fired the in house game developers, so I wasn't surprised when they announced the service would be closing.

To be fair to google they did it the right way, I got a refund for the games I bought and they have released an update to allow the controller to be used over bluetooth. Still its yet another service killed by google, must be hard for 3rd parties to trust anything new they do in case the plug is pulled later on.

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