Friday, April 22, 2016

DevWeek 2016

I was fortunate to be able to attend DevWeek 2016 at the Westminster Hall in London. This year I got to hear talks from Microsoft, Google and a lot of leading industry experts.

There were a few themes of the week, at least for the lecture which I attended. I was mostly interested in the Web technologies, so it was interesting to hear about the new frameworks vying for attention especially reactjs and angular. It was also interesting to hear a contract from google, apps have great engagement but its hard to get people to use them. Whereas the web has a low engagement but people can easily access content. There is basically an attempt to converge them by improving the ability to search inside applications. Whereas the browsers are playing catchup to be able to provide the same functionality as applications.

My favourite talk of the week was from Sander Hoogendoorn titled "Beyond breaking bad: the current state of Agile in 10 easy lessons". It was a thought provoking talk which echoed many things I have thought about our own agile process. Fortunately we don't have red sprints, but was are terrible at estimates!

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