Sunday, May 19, 2013

Should be higher

Yesterday I sat and watched the Eurovision "song" contest for the first time. The reason for this was a post BBQ TV session, nestled into Bruce and Nina's comfortable new reclining sofas. Nina was celebrating her 30th birthday, they were throwing a BBQ day. I arrived about 5, in time to help out cooking the meat. Bruce hand managed to get the coals so intensely hot the hairs on my forearms got singed while flipping a burger! Holly Jo, Phil and Caroline were already there. The food was fantastic and plentiful after gorging on burgers, and kebabs there was homemade cake. I sank into the recliner, and sat back in to take in the delight of Euro vision. Phil used his industry knowledge running a commentary on the stage and set design. He was impressed by the Swedes I think, especially the projects onto the presenters dress. I found the music pretty dreary, however with a room full of good company and banter it was bearable enough. I caught acab to the Cheadle Hulme with Phil and Caroline just managing to fit in a Gin and Tonic night cap before catching the train home.

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