Wednesday, December 26, 2012

I was just a card

Boxing day and my forth Christmas lunch of the year. First one my parents made as a treat for myself and Kath at my Brithday. The second was the works Christmas do and the final two Christmas day at my parents and today the final boxing day using up the leftovers meal.

Today marks one whole year since I proposed to +Kath Borkowska, it was one of the best days in my life. I can still remember the nervous preparation the ring arrived on the last day of postage before Christmas, with Kath arriving on boxing day. I can also still picture the excited surprised expression on her face when I asked the question. I think up until the moment I produced the ring that she thought it was some sort of joke. The wedding is in August, I can't wait thought there is an awful lot of organising to be done beforehand.

I got some nice gifts this year, Nina and Bruce got me some new touch screen gloves, they are even better than my old ones (and look slighlty less geeky). Paul got me Lord of the Rings Trilogy for Xbox, mum gave me some Polish Zloty for my New Years trip to Poland.

Kath bought me a Samsung Galaxy Note II, unfortunately I have to date not received this, despite the fact that Kath sent early December (it arrived in the UK on the 4th December). In the same timeframe, I sent Kath a Nexus 7, she had it used it for a week until it broke. She sent it back to the UK I received it and sent it back for replacement yet I still have no idea when the Note II will arrive ( or even if). My current phone (an 21 month old Samsung Nexus S) Samsung kept rebooting itself so I decided to purchase a Nexus 4.

The Christmas dinners at my parents consisted of turkey, cranberry sauce, pig in blankets, sausage meat, sprouts, carrots and swede, baked parsnips, baked potatoes, chestnut stuffing topped with gravy. It was incredibly tasty and there were even some extra sausages for Mr Storm.

I was so full after both meals I spent the afternoon afterwards ina  sort of food induced coma watching TV. I watched the latest Bourne film, I found it OK mildly entertaining for a lazy evenings watching.

Tomorrow is my grandmas funeral, quite a sombre occasion, I don't think I had ever been to a funeral before David's, now it's two in a month. Hopefully it will be a cathartic event and allow us to relate good memories of her life.

I have to work tomorrow afternoon, another day in an empty office. Not ideal but due to the job change, I start at Civica on the 7th Jan finishing at Close Brothers on the 14th left me with an employment gap which I am filling with some extra time for my previous employer. It isn't ideal but it will help bridge the gap and pay for my New Year trip to Poland.

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