Sunday, October 14, 2012

Shake it out

I met up with Phil, Bruce, and Nina for a Drink in Cheadle Hulme last night. Bruce has finished his contract in Cheltenham and starts a new job in Warrington next week. They had gone for a meal together using the vouchers Jo and Holly gave them as a thank you for helping out doing their photography at their wedding.

Phil came and picked me up after visiting his parents, unfortunately when we got to his place he realised that he had left his keys at his parents. He dropped me at the John Millington where Bruce and Nina were enjoying a post dinner drink.

Bruce seemed pretty happy about not living away, and Nina seemed in a great mood. She was looking very nice having grown her hair a little longer which suits her very well.

There was a big wedding party in and the pub was very busy. We had a sit under the heater outside enjoying a few drinks and a chat.

I took the train home, the weather has gone quiet cold, I felt a chill stood on the platform.

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