Monday, December 19, 2011


This weekend has been a blur, I had planned to have a long weekend off. Take time out to clean up the house and put up the decorations in time to see Kath next weekend. Instead a load of things went wrong.
Friday my Dad managed to get in between the dog and the postman and winding up with a bite on his hand. So had to take him to casualty. Fortunately it wasn't too bad more swollen than injured, he got a bandage and apparently doesn't need a tetanus booster as after so many you get a lifetime immunity.

On Saturday I had a big failure on my Servers, annoyingly several different things all failed at the same time creating a "perfect storm of failure". To add insult to injury my datacentre access card had expired so I spend an hour waiting in the lobby trying desperately to get hold of the person whom could get me access. Eventually we found the problem a faulty memory chip in one server and faulty connection on the other. Amazing how such simple problems together could cause a massive failure.

Phil and I spent the day in the data centre listening to the whirr of fans and struggling to get everything working. Tired and hungry we went to the Kathmandu for a curry then watched TV for a while.

We finally got the server working on Sunday after a lot of effort. Thanks very much to Bruce and Phil for their assistance.

It now leaves me with today to clean up the house and get to the gym, if I can make it off the couch.

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