Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Lazy Flies

I have been very remiss not managing to blog for ages. Jo tipped me off that Jon Kenzie and Rory Charles have started there own blog travelling around Europe. Putting me to shame, so in an effort to catch up Kath and I went to Dublin, Ireland, and I plan to write a little series on that. This weekend I caught up with Phil and Bruce fr a few drinks out in Manchester.

We decided that rioters shouldn't stop us having a good night out. Arriving in the city centre two things were evident, it was quiet there were a lot less people than usual. Secondly there were lots and lots of Police, and there we taking no prisoners. I saw at least two people being carted off, one apparently for shoplifting and anther causing trouble near Piccadilly station.

We started at Kro bar, negotiating our way past the storm trooper police and vans full of barking dogs. Kro bar had visible signs of damage, the glass door was shattered but it didn't stop the beer flowing.

We had a couple in there chatting about life, then headed to TV21 for some more. I like the place its quirky and geeky. It was very busy and so we didn't manage to sit in the space shuttle. We started to feel hungry and relying on the train headed back to Cheadle Hulme to an old haunt the Garam Massala.

We used to eat curry here quick regularly but for various reasons none of us have been for years. Inside has completely changed lit up in blue neons I felt slightly like I was inside a fish tank. Fortunately the food more than made up for the d├ęcor, we had a chops to start. These were well cooked succulent and tasty. I had a Chicken Jalfrezi and we shared mushroom rice and a garlic narn bread. I felt full and happy as Phil and I shared a taxi back. The driver from Cheadle cabs had a rocking sound system, I remarked how phat it was (yes I am that down with the kids).

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