Thursday, April 29, 2010

Pretty little ditty

I am sat watching the leaders debate with my new pet. On Friday I got a call from my mum, it went along the lines of, "you want a cat to keep you company don't you". Just under a week later and I now live with Coco, a long haired Persian cat. She is actually a really nice kitty, she follows me around the house sitting next to me while I watch TV. Sometimes she even sits on my lap while I use my computer. He previous owners had several cats and they didn't get along with Coco. She prefers to be the only cat, so now she lives here with me. I think I have seen more of my mum in the last few days than since I moved out, she likes to come round to pet the kitty.

Not only do I have a new cat but I also started restocking my fish tank. I got a shoal of Zebra Danio a small hardy fish that should help get the tank started off. I am planning to have quite a lot of small colourful fish. I wanted to get some Neons and Tetras but they prefer a mature tank, so I need to build up to them slowly.

Tomorrow I am off to Poland to see Kath I cant wait to see her again.

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