Friday, March 12, 2010

Beautiful day without you

As you might have notices blog has moved (for the time being) to so I now have the wonderful (sic) blogsearch and next button displayed at the top, cheers google. I am debating whether to switch to a self hosted Wordpress installation or not, the URL shouldn't change again though.

Not much been happening recently, I am something of a cash flow crisis at the moment, have to watch every penny until I can get things turned around, of lots of nights spent at home, or at the gym.

Kath has arranged to make the journey here over Easter. I cant wait to see her again, we speak everyday on Skype or the phone but it is a pale imitation to being with her. I usually send her pictures of my dinner so she can ensure I am taking care of myself. Fortunately my culinary skills have improved greatly since I moved out. She has become one of the most important and precious things in my life, the pain of separation is well worth the moment we spend together.

Workwise I have been working hard, did a massive update on works website last night which actually appears to have worked quite well, hurrah. I despair at my company though, how so much effort can give so little return, and the same mistakes can be allowed to be repeated just boggles my mind.

I cant believe how petty some people out there are, in the last couple of months evertime I put out my paper recycling bag for collection, when I return home the bag is gone. Now I can believe once that it blew away, but this week there wasn't any wind on Wednesday. Which means either one of my neighbours thinks its funny to steal or, or worse they are so weak minded that they think its better to steal than contact the council. Newsflash, one phonecall to the rather nice sounding lady at the council office and they will give you a new one, they are already costed into the council tax bill FFS!

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