Thursday, February 11, 2010

Love cats

I used to think it was a pain that there are no direct flights from Manchester Airport to Warsaw, maybe its not so bad after all. Given that aircraft controllers have had to change procedures after not one but two collisions by aircraft while Taxiing.

Fortunately Kath will arrive to Liverpool Airport where hopefully the air traffic controllers can direct the traffic. Only a week now I cant wait to see her. Martin and Charlotte have invited us for dinner next Friday, which should be a nice evening out. I think Endo and Jo will be there too so it will be a nice opportunity for them to meet Kath.

It will be nice for me to get out too, I haven't been getting out very often. A lack of money, and time seems to leave me mostly home watching TV. I really need to start looking for a lodger to help cover some of the bills, or a raise.

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