Sunday, February 14, 2010

In the Backseat

Managed to not get much done today. Had a nice chat with Kath via skype, paid some bills and ironed my shirts.
I went shopping to Waitroise, I love their essentials, a bit more expensive than Tesco or Sainsburys essentials stuff, and good quality, so great value for the money. I did also manage to go to Sainsburys, got my recycling done there. I also got t witness the power of Advertising; I bought some beer, took me a while to decide which offer was the best. They had a box of 12 330ml bottle for £13.68 which works out a £3.45/ltr, then there was an offer on two packs of 4 330ml bottles for £8, which comes in at £3.30/ltr (though the price per litre wasn't marked had to use the calculator on the Blackberry). Finally they had £ 2.09/bottle which was the cheapest option at £3.17/ltr. Cunningly they omitted the price per litre from the offer and on some of the items they marked the price per pint making it very difficult to compare.

My parents invited me for dinner at their house, they made beef bourguignon it was delicious. After dinner we sat and had a nice chat by the fire. I miss the fireplace, there is nothing quite like an open fire on a cold winters day.

This evening I went round to see Chief, he is preparing to move out of his apartment in Manchester to join his girlfriend in London. Its the end of an era really all the happy nights playing Wii with them, and partying at Abito. We had a chat drank some tea, he has got himself an IPhone and I showed him the awesome Remote app to control Itunes from his Iphone. I also managed to get his flip camera videos working on his Mac book.

Driving home I felt a sense of loss, someone else moving away unless things change for me I don't imagine very many London trips, not on the current budget anyway. Feel a bit depressed this week, work has been awful, and no end in sight, anyone know of any programming roles give me a shout.

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