Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Work is crazy at the moment, it is really sapping my energy and making me feel pretty down. If it wasn't for Kath I think I would go crazy. I cant wait to see her again.

Since moving out I have been trying to teach myself to cook. In fact I have prepared the majority of meals since movnig out. Including make sandwiches for lunch (a great way to save money as well). It has been very empowering to be able to prepare and enjoy tasty home made food.

Today I made a bacon mushroom and tomato pasta dish using up a load of leftovers. It was very tasty. I would like to improve a bit more then maybe I can host a dinner party or two in the not so distant future.

Jo came round this evening, we had a chat and a Left for Dead 2 session, its nice and relaxing slaughtering zombies.

I put up my curtains, they actually belonged to the previous owner and were very dirty but fortunately a trip to Harry Berger has brought them up really clean and nice. They seem to hold the heat in pretty well too. I also found out that they can dye the set from the spare room for me to fit in better with the new décor.

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