Thursday, January 21, 2010

I miss Kath, evenings feel empty without her around and its not a nice eating alone. Fortunately last night Martina came round to keep me company. I tried to make Spiced rice with prawns [NB without the bacon as Martina is a vegetarian]. It turned out pretty tasty though I think we ended up putting in too much curry paste so ended up more like a Chinese / Indian fusion food.

After dinner we had a chat and a catch up, she told me about her trip to Scotland and her recent relationship. I told her about Kath's new job and moaned about mine.

This evening I went to B&Q with my dad to get the 10% discount on a few bits I needed. I havent really done any decorating since moving in, working and day to day life seem to eat all my spare time. Saying that I have spent the last few hours watching Pulp Fiction. I really love this film, its clever well acted well scripted pretty much everything I could ever want in a film. I cant believe it was released in 94 I doubt Avatar will be anything more than a curio in 16 years.

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