Tuesday, October 06, 2009


I had a really trying day today, one that I cant really talk about to the internet. By the time I got home this evening I was really tried and stressed I went for a walk with storm and got extremely wet. I decided the best way to relax was with a film and a few beers. Ironically the cheapest was Becks the people who annoyed me by getting spotify to push a playlist on me. However it was the cheapest premium lager in Tesco Cheadle so hey ho.
I rented a film called Gomorrah about the Italian mob. Its a bit a of a strange film following several disconnected stories, its well acted and scary portrayal of the mob linking into every aspect of society. Its quiet a shocking film in a documentary style, some stunning backdrops and clever cinematography, but from the opening you certainly get the feeling life is cheap.

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lulu said...

oh...why did you got wet in a storm intendedly?