Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Prospekt's March

The only really constant thing in life is that things change. It really dosn't matter how hard we try the world is constantly changing even though sometimes sat in the same office day after day it can feel like everything is static. I was reminded how much life changes this evening. It was Bruce's wedding rehearsal. It was very strange to stand in Church listening to the Vicar details the day and vows for Bruce and Nina, surreal even. It was one of those time when I realised I am not so young anymore the world is moving on, time for me to do so too.

Afterwards we were treated to a nice Italian meal at Nina's ex place of work. It was a lovely evening of nice food excitement about the upcoming wedding. One of the bridesmaid Lindsey warned Phil and I not to get Bruce drunk Friday night. Actually they have no need to worry Bruce is just about the straightest guy I know.

I was cold and tired by the time we got home I had a rather disjointed and drunken chat to Martina, its her birthday on Friday, Phil and I are going to her party. Have to take it easy though be ready for Saturday, still have a speech to write...

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