Thursday, November 27, 2008

Sit and Wonder

This week has flown by, I barely know where the time has gone. Yesterday I was 29, only 365 days before I reach the big three zero, an age I can barely comprehend, yet I seemed to get there at Mach 9.
It was a good birthday, I spent the morning working on the house. Then in the afternoon I got my haircut then went to see my great aunt.
In the evening I arranged to go for a meal. In the end Phil, Bruce, Andy, Emily, and Nick attended. Originally it was going to be a boys night out but so I kind of put Martina off which turned out to be a bit of a stupid move when Andy and Emily responded (albiet at the 11th hour). The venue was Pesto, the Italian Tapas restaurant on Deansgate. Bruce picked Nick and myself up, Phil had offered to but having been delayed in Liverpool decided to meet us down there. We aimed to park and meet up and Andy and Emily's flat at about 8.30pm, we arrived at the car park to find a couple of PSCO's two students and a lot of coloured lights. The PCSO asked us nicely to go and park on the road because there was an art project in process, the lights spelled "sorry" in 1 meter high letters.
It had been since I last saw Andy and Emily so it was nice to catch up. Emily explained about her current project. Apparently on the back of coming top of her class she has been invited to lecture in Portland Oregon in the states, what an honour.
Walking down the cold street of Manchester we headed to Pesto. Some time ago I came with Nick, Emily and Andy; actually originally with a very different group of people before Foo Fighters but that is a very different story. Since which it has become one of the venues of choice for a meal out. The food is Italian style tapas, which actually is extremely varied and tasty. I ate, calamaris, skewered chozio sausage and chicken pieces, spicy tomato and potatoes along with a mixed salad.
After the meal we retire back to Abito for more chat and a few drinks, I had the last (and only beer) everyone else drank tea. Pretty much what I should expect on a school night, still a grat evening. It was a really great evening I appreciated everyone coming out and the many messages I got on Facebook all contributed to making it a really wonderful birthday.

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