Sunday, November 30, 2008

See Your Sunshine

I got a couple of bits at the house done today. I finally got my outside light working thanks to Jono's drill. I still haven't established why on earth he had a 1meter long drill bit, and I must have looked quiet stupid on a ladder with such a huge drill. Needless to say it made a hole through the external wall. I got called away to help out at the Berger's shop; they had been having an issue sending out emails. It seems BT Connect have introduced limits on the number of emails which can be relayed at once down to 50 recipients.

This evening I went to see Martina, she gave me a spicy food cookery book for my birthday. Should come in very handy when the house is done. We took a drive through the fog to see what the world looked like from the top of Werneth Low. Just before reaching the top of the hill we broke through the fog cover which offered some eerie views of Manchester. Normally most of the city is visible the lights of civilisation shining out. Not tonight, only the Beetham Tower and a few other tall structures were visible rising from the fog sea.

We had a few drinks on the hair and hounds before heading back to Stockport, we sat and watched tv while Neil played with the ferrets. We started to John Carpenters Vampires, which was a really awful film. It was actually so bad I found it hard to follow.

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