Saturday, August 23, 2008

Love Is Noise

Something I don't seem to have enough of at the moment is time. I try and do as much as I can see as many people as possible, only somewhere along the way I keep letting everyone down. The last few weeks have passed in a blur. Since I became a homeowner I have tried to get there as much as possible even if its only to do one small job. That had been my plan yesterday, but over the course of the day my arm had swollen up to the point where at 3m it was so painful I had to take a trip to the doctors. Dr Ali informed me that I had cellulitus and prescribed a course of antibiotics.

I went to the pharmacy bought the horse tranquilliser sized tablets then came home to eat pizza and watch Interstate 60. A lovefilm recommendation starring Gary Oldman and James Marsden, its an interesting take on the voyage of discovery.

I wanted to do so much today, work on the house, go to the gym, see friends, write my blog. Some how maybe because of the fact my body is fighting off an infection I just felt too tired to do any work on the house. Instead I took my mum shopping she needed a new washing machine so we went to several places looking for the right model at the best price.

In the evening I collected Phil, Bruce Martina and headed to the March Hair for a quite drink and chat. Afterwards we went round to Bruce's to watch the Reading festival coverage. They drank scrumpy while I sat and eat pringles, it was a pleasant evening though.

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