Saturday, August 30, 2008

Island of Domination

Strange Days, work was difficult today, I feel like nothing I can do is right. I found a way to save potentially hundreds of pounds a year today and it was greeted with derision. I went to lunch with a colleague and we had a good bitch about it all.

After work I went with my dad to pull some more rubbish out of my house (see the following pictures). Managed to take out all the builders tiles in the living room and most of the kitchen floor.

This evening I walked down to the unicorn with Nick. I have finally finished my antibiotics so I could finally enjoy a drink. It was a very humid and muggy night so we sat outside. There were a group of girls on the table across from us having a good time, at least seemingly. A guy came over to them, and a few minutes later they were having a full blown row, it transpired that is was her 40th birthday and she felt he wasn't bothered, to be honest hearing them I didn't feel either of them deserved sympathy.

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